Next gig: Aug. 29 @ Ratio


Toronto’s hottest new art-space RATIO is the venue for Arachnidiscs’ TOTENBAUM TRÄGER cassette release show. We’ll be supporting them along with fellow arachnids, The Knot and the free-jazz duo of Colin Fisher & Mike Gennaro.

Facebook event:



REVOLUTION! (Live 14.06.28)

Off-the-cuff, improvised face-melter of a song. Jacqueline’s call to arms. Recorded live at the Smiling Buddha Bar in Toronto on June 28, 2014 by Joe Strutt just a little too late to make it onto Hexperience.

Rehearsals X

The final installment in our Rehearsals Series (at least for now) and the last before our show at the WXWC Festival in Toronto. It’s a big set, clocking in at 2:21, split into a duo half and a solo half and features some of the sounds we’ve been working on for the live show and the new studio album. {Click Skully to download}

Moonwood rehearsals vol 10 Click to download

Rehearsals Vol 7

Another live improv rehearsal recording from last November. Features both of us, asking why? Because of X! {click skully to DL}