Desert Ghosts LP released!


Out now! Desert Ghosts!

“Like Moon Duo hopped up on pure wormwood extract, the Toronto-based improv space-rock outfit known as Moonwood have plucked another full-length jewel from the ether. Drawing on a cornucopia of worldly throwback psychedelic influences from the Middle East, Asia and Germany, Desert Ghosts is a relentless assault on your psyche, bound to blow your consciousness out the back of your skull and into a kaleidoscope of interdimensional possibilities. …. The first half of Desert Ghosts is noted as ‘Earthbound desert rock,’ a voyage through the deserts of the American West with fuzz rock and cosmic surf grounded by motorik rhythms, and the second half is a Trans Arrakis Express suite, signifying the arrival on the fictional desert planet from Frank Herbert’s famed 1965 sci-fi novel Dune. The change in sound is audible; the first half propelled by frontman Jakob Rehlinger’s incendiary guitar and Luca Capone’s impertinent drums, while the second half is more meditative and mystical, featuring more of bassist Matt Fava’s violin. Both sides are united by filtered synth drones and Jacqueline Noire’s mesmerizing vocals.” ~ Exclaim!

Released November 5th 2015 in partnership with Pleasence Records.

Transparent purple vinyl, first 150 copies come with limited edition 12×16 risographed print.

LP: $17.99 CAD (plus regional shipping rates) | Digital: $7.99

Listen and purchase HERE or in the player below.


Téléphone Maison / Moonwood Split Tape

Montreal label Jeunesse Cosmique has a new split tape out, this one featuring 30 minutes of MOONWOOD’s most blistering desert-kraut muscle car space rock on Side B.

They think the set, titled Cosmic Draggin’, sounds like:

“The Traveling Groovefest of Fuzz Carnaval is riding through the middle of a desert under a bengal light sun flashing since the dawn of time. Your tour bus is a burning tanker set ablaze a thousand years ago.”


Side A is Draguons Kosmische by TÉLÉPHONE MAISON which we think sounds like:

“Asian alleyways, rain water reflecting neon signs. A punk stands in a doorway, smoking, unhappy. Videogames in laundromats, unplayed, running through demo screens. An art gallery, an art happening, go-go dancing, oh yeah baby. Palm trees and sunsets, a yacht isn’t what it seems. Everyone is unhappy. Unhappy but smiling. There’s televisions everywhere playing cheaply produced commercials. Drink this. Wear that. It’s all day-glo and the videotapes are wearing out, colours blur, static saturates the image. Someone is doing aerobics, someone is eating ramen, everyone is smiling. An old man is looking at a puppy in the window of a pet shop. His expression is unreadable. His umbrella drips.”


You can listen, download, purchase HERE.