Free to download (click the artwork), an ongoing series of our live rehearsal recordings. Some are rough, noisy drones, some are more polished gems. Most of these “songs” bear no resemblance to how they sound now or like they did in the future or will in the past. It’s was and is an evolutionary process.

Edited, mastered, and released digitally as the Ark Hive series in 2019.

Below are the unmastered, unedited, originally posted versions.

Moonwood Vol 1 cover

Vol. 1 solo improvisations by Jakob, direct to 2-track. River Ghosts / The Path era.

Moonwood vol 2 cover

Vol. 2 features Moonwood’s first recordings as a live duo.

The following two sessions, both feature Stephen Wolf (Summer Amp, New Yaki, Partli Cloudi, etc) on percussion, prepared bass guitar and, we think, moaning vocals.

Vol. 3 is over an hour of live jams recorded straight to 2-track as a duo over 2 days somewhere between the pyramids and the cosmos.

Vol. 4 (aka “Moonwolf”) is a half-hour set recorded live as a trio on October 6th. “Mowgli” is a straight live take whereas “Akela” is three live jams spliced together, adding analogue synth and a barrage of percussion instruments into the usual Moonwood stew.

Click to download Moonwood Rehearsals Vol 5

Vol. 5. Just over an hour of material edited down from 4 sessions of solo improv guitar jams. Meditative ragas, analogue space drones and black ritualistic fuzz.

Vol. 6 is another series of one-take solo recordings by Jakob, his guitars and pedals. ‘Drone 3’ and ‘Remember, Remember’ (retitled ‘Beulah’) appear on the Soul Oaks EP.


Vol. 7 features both of us, asking why? Because of X!

Click to download Moonwood rehearsals vol 8

Vol. 8 Jakob solo acoustic guitar / looper / drum machine improvisations. Trying to figure out how to translate the entire sound spectrum of the new album (Strength of the Pack…) into a  live set. Droney raga type stuff and Erkin Koray inspired jamming type stuff. ‘Cardamon’ 1 and 2 appear on the Soul Oaks EP.

Click to download Vol9

Vol.9 It was a long weekend, lots of time to practice. Making progress. Still haven’t settled on a gear set up. Nice return of the gourd flute though. ‘Wookpecker’ appears on the Soul Oaks EP.

Moonwood rehearsals vol 10 Click to download

Vol. 10. The final installment in our Rehearsals Series (at least for now) and the last before our show at the WXWC Festival in Toronto. It’s a big set, clocking in at 2:21, split into a duo half and a solo half and features some of the sounds we’ve been working on for the live show and the new studio album. ‘Introlude’ appears on the Soul Oaks EP.

Vol 11: Recorded live during rehearsal jam, X-mas Eve 2012. Cosmic skull vibrations.

Vol 12: Recorded live during rehearsal jams Sept. 28-29, 2013. Documents our short-lived two-synths and drum machine + looped electric drumkit set-up. Patience rewards with deep droning freakout culminations past the ten minute marks.


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