Téléphone Maison / Moonwood Split Tape

Montreal label Jeunesse Cosmique has a new split tape out, this one featuring 30 minutes of MOONWOOD’s most blistering desert-kraut muscle car space rock on Side B.

They think the set, titled Cosmic Draggin’, sounds like:

“The Traveling Groovefest of Fuzz Carnaval is riding through the middle of a desert under a bengal light sun flashing since the dawn of time. Your tour bus is a burning tanker set ablaze a thousand years ago.”


Side A is Draguons Kosmische by TÉLÉPHONE MAISON which we think sounds like:

“Asian alleyways, rain water reflecting neon signs. A punk stands in a doorway, smoking, unhappy. Videogames in laundromats, unplayed, running through demo screens. An art gallery, an art happening, go-go dancing, oh yeah baby. Palm trees and sunsets, a yacht isn’t what it seems. Everyone is unhappy. Unhappy but smiling. There’s televisions everywhere playing cheaply produced commercials. Drink this. Wear that. It’s all day-glo and the videotapes are wearing out, colours blur, static saturates the image. Someone is doing aerobics, someone is eating ramen, everyone is smiling. An old man is looking at a puppy in the window of a pet shop. His expression is unreadable. His umbrella drips.”


You can listen, download, purchase HERE.

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