Téléphone Maison / Moonwood Split Tape

Montreal label Jeunesse Cosmique has a new split tape out, this one featuring 30 minutes of MOONWOOD’s most blistering desert-kraut muscle car space rock on Side B.

They think the set, titled Cosmic Draggin’, sounds like:

“The Traveling Groovefest of Fuzz Carnaval is riding through the middle of a desert under a bengal light sun flashing since the dawn of time. Your tour bus is a burning tanker set ablaze a thousand years ago.”


Side A is Draguons Kosmische by TÉLÉPHONE MAISON which we think sounds like:

“Asian alleyways, rain water reflecting neon signs. A punk stands in a doorway, smoking, unhappy. Videogames in laundromats, unplayed, running through demo screens. An art gallery, an art happening, go-go dancing, oh yeah baby. Palm trees and sunsets, a yacht isn’t what it seems. Everyone is unhappy. Unhappy but smiling. There’s televisions everywhere playing cheaply produced commercials. Drink this. Wear that. It’s all day-glo and the videotapes are wearing out, colours blur, static saturates the image. Someone is doing aerobics, someone is eating ramen, everyone is smiling. An old man is looking at a puppy in the window of a pet shop. His expression is unreadable. His umbrella drips.”


You can listen, download, purchase HERE.



WED 10/17 – TORONTO, ON*
Tranzac (292 Brunswick Avenue)


w/ DJ Craig Dunsmuir (Glissandro70 / Kanada70)

10pm | $5 / $10 with tape

SILENT LAND TIME MACHINE (http://sltm.bandcamp.com/)
From Austin, TX this one man avant folk soundscaper plays in Toronto for the first time. A master of warm guitar textures, builds loops and layers only to mix them into his own brand of post psych-folk. The love and warm of folk mixed with beautiful swells & sweeps of post-rock, full sounds washing over your body.

MOONWOOD (http://moonwood.bandcamp.com/)
Freak psych/folk project of Jakob Relinger (Arachnidisc) occupies an eerie space between some dark forest & the spiritual beyond that only exists in some winding & daunting expanse of space. His haunting guitar work exudes a elusive warmth & nostalgia that draws us into his realm. Vocal hums float through the atmosphere with draw out didgeridoo tones. Flute tones interact with bells and chime percussion as guitar notes navigate this gypsy-esque landscape. Mystical psych for the modern forest dweller. Dig!

SYMBOL (http://soundcloud.com/lightlodge)
Austin, TX ambient kraut synth relaxer, lays out some space-scapes for the modulating masses. Sounds stretched out to the point where they sparkle & glisten. The gentle hum of a note becomes a fuzz drenched wave only to subside back into a peaceful hum wavering in the expanse of time.

SOLHORN (http://solhorn.bandcamp.com/)
Avant folk/jazz/pop outsider Michael Mørkholt of Denmark preforms his compositions as Solhorn in Canada for the first time! Folk prog structures filled with a sense of playfulness akin to Shugo Tokumaru. Meandering songs, guitar notes joke with percussion in a languid way. Electronics bleep & bloop, ringing out there tones in a dialogue with flutes. Probably some of the most fun music you’ll have heard in a while. Come make the hang.

DJ Craig Dunsmuir (Glissandro70/Kanada70)