Rehearsals Vol 7

Another live improv rehearsal recording from last November. Features both of us, asking why? Because of X! {click skully to DL}



Live Rehearsals Series Vol 6

One of a couple live rehearsal recording that have been sitting on the hard-drive since November, collecting whatever dust-like substance files collect inside computers. This one is a series of one-take solo recordings by Jakob, his guitars and pedals. {click skully to DL}

Video: Graffiti Blossoms

We’re readying the release of a new album of weird folk and exotic psych-funk instrumentals called The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack. So here’s a video for a track from it called “Graffiti Blossoms”, sort of a Cambodian R&B type thing.

Who so cold in your (he)art?

Back in December, before launching this site, were proud to included on the Why So Cold In Your (he)Art compilation by Jeunesse Cosmique.

The exclusive track is called “Second Hand Coat” and was recorded specially for this project.

Download the whole 20 track album for freeĀ here.

Physical copies available too from the same link.

Trans Lunar Express (digital EP)

With Trans Lunar Express, psychedelic exotica/freak-folkstersĀ Moonwood take a cosmic detour to bring you three kosmische jams of motorik krautrock for driving across the lunar landscape. This 3-track digital-only EP is a stellar deal at the cosmically low price of $1.99 earth credits!

Video: Trans Lunar Express 1

Trans Lunar Express 1 from the Trans Lunar Express EP